K-9 Mail 5.200 with PGP/MIME support

K-9 Mail 5.200 has been released, which finally supports the PGP/MIME standard. It also provides a new user interface for even easier end-to-end encryption.

Support for PGP/MIME required a lot of internal changes and extensions to K-9 Mail to get it working with OpenKeychain. Vincent Breitmoser did most of the work on this. He was able to work on it full-time for a year thanks to the generous funding of the Open Tech Fund. A huge thank you to them!

We also like to thank cketti, the maintainer of K-9 Mail, and all other contributors, especially Philip Whitehouse who contributed a lot of patches.

The new version should be available on Google Play and F-Droid shortly. If you can’t wait, go grab the APK from GitHub.

- Vincent Breitmoser, Dominik Schürmann