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OpenKeychain helps you communicate more privately and securely. It uses encryption to ensure that your messages can be read only by the people you send them to, others can send you messages that only you can read, and these messages can be digitally signed so the people getting them are sure who sent them. OpenKeychain is based on the well established OpenPGP standard making encryption compatible across your devices and systems. For a list of compatible software for Windows, Mac OS, and other operating systems consult

Modern encryption is based on digital “keys”. OpenKeychain stores and manages your keys, and those of the people you communicate with, on your Android smartphone. It also helps you find others’ keys online, and exchange keys. But its most frequent use is in using those keys to encrypt and decrypt messages.

Open Source

Open Source: OpenKeychain is designed to be trustworthy. It’s Free Software with no secrets; anyone can examine and validate every bit of it (Source code available at GitHub)

Independent Security Audit

The auditing company Cure53 performed an intensive security audit of OpenKeychain. The security experts summarize their final result with “[…] none of the spotted issues were considered to be of a critical severity in terms of security implications. The latter is a significant and impressive result for an app of this complexity and relevance.”


OpenKeychain primarily integrates with K-9 Mail to provide end-to-end encryption capabilities. Besides this, several other apps work with OpenKeychain to provide encryption.

App Description Install Open Source
K-9 Mail Best open source email client for Android Play, F-Droid GitHub
Conversations Jabber/XMPP client with OpenPGP support Play, F-Droid GitHub
Password Store Password manager compatible with “pass” Play, F-Droid GitHub
Oversec Transparently encrypts and decrypts any text in any app. Play email client Play  
PGPClipper PGPClipper integrates with the clipboard to decrypt PGP messages F-Droid GitHub
andOTP OTP generator with backups in OpenPGP format Play, F-Droid GitHub
oandbackup Backup apps encrypted via OpenPGP F-Droid GitHub
PGPAuth Send OpenPGP-signed requests to a server Play, F-Droid GitHub
PhotoPGP Take photos of sensitive, private, or confidential information Play  
FairEmail Fully featured, open source, privacy oriented email app for Android Play, F-Droid GitHub

We are not actively participating in the development of each of these third-party apps. No security audits have been done by us and, thus, we cannot provide any security guarantees.


Because OpenKeychain is Free Software, anyone can validate that the permissions are indeed only required for the listed features.

Starting with Android 6, permissions are requested when required in-app!