EFF Crypto Usability Prize (EFF CUP) Workshop at SOUPS2014

I will give a talk about OpenKeychain at the EFF Crypto Usability Prize (EFF CUP) Workshop at SOUPS2014.

From their website:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is evaluating the feasibility of offering a prize for the first secure, private end-to-end encrypted communication tool. There is currently tremendous interest in this area, with several dozen new projects trying to make encrypted email, instant messaging, text messaging, VOIP and video chat a reality. It is not yet clear which of these tools is best-suited to meet real-world usability challenges.

We believe a prize based on objective usability metrics might be an effective way to determine which project or projects are best delivering communication security to vulnerable user communities; to promote and energize those tools; and to encourage interaction between developers, interaction designers and academics interested in this space.

The EFF CUP workshop aims both to establish suitable metrics and criteria for the prize, and to introduce developers working on open source encryption tools (likely contestants) to the privacy and security research community.

- Dominik