Please read our FAQ page before creating new bug reports or contacting us via our mailinglist

Getting in touch

Issues and Feature Requests

If you find a bug or you need some feature, please create an issue on our Github-page.

IRC Channel

Our IRC Channel can be found on #openkeychain

Beta Versions

We are glad you want to test Beta versions of OpenKeychain and report early bugs. Currently, these versions are distributed via Google Play only:

  1. Become a beta tester with this special Google Play link.
  2. Update OpenKeychain on your device

Security Contact

If you found vulnerabilities in OpenKeychain, please contact using the corresponding OpenPGP key.

Export Regulations

We are required to comply with U.S. export regulations due to the distributon of our apps on Google Play. See Export Regulations for more information.

Privacy Policy

Because we use “sensitive permissions”, Google requires us to provide a Privacy Policy. See Privacy Policy for more information.