OpenKeychain is developed in an open way by many contributors in their free time. We appreciate all contributions and provide feedback for all incoming pull requests which can clearly be seen by the ratio of opened vs. closed pull requests. So, if you want to start hacking, read our 5 points guide on Github and fork OpenKeychain!


Help translating OpenKeychain! Everybody can participate at OpenKeychain on Transifex. Coordination and management of translation efforts is done in cooperation with the Localization Lab. We collect some helpful information regarding our choice of appropriate language and usage of Transifex in our Wiki.

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This website is also hosted as a git repository, so if you find spelling/grammar mistakes or want to add more content, you are very welcome to do so by submitting a pull request for the repository.


OpenKeychain provides two APIs, namely the OpenKeychain Intents and the OpenPGP API. The Intents can be used without permissions to start OpenKeychain’s activities for cryptographic operations, import of keys, etc. However, it always requires user input, so that no malicious application can use this API without user intervention. The OpenPGP API is more sophisticated and allows to to operations without user interaction in the background. When utilizing this API, OpenKeychain asks the user on first use to grant access for the calling client application.

More technical information and examples for these APIs can be found here: