Founding of Confidential Technologies GmbH

With the friendly support of TU Braunschweig, Confidential Technologies GmbH was founded by Vincent Breitmoser, Leif Scheppelmann and Dominik Schürmann. Our company provides professional support for OpenKeychain and develops custom end-to-end encryption products.

OpenPGP/Autocrypt Library

We are currently in the process of developing an OpenPGP/Autocrypt library based on the OpenKeychain codebase. It will be available as a GPLv3 version for other Free Software projects, but also under a commercial license to be used in proprietary projects. It can be used in your Android apps, but also in other Java-based software, for example desktop or server applications. For inquiries, please contact us.


Confidential Technologies offers a range of consulting services for security research and development. We provide professional support for OpenKeychain and consulting services for the design and implementation of real-world cryptographic protocols.

Contact us to integrate OpenPGP or Autocrypt in your app. Read more about our history and previous projects.